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CCS Lean Medium For Oil Painting™


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Handcrafted From The Finest Materials, This Oil Medium Thins Paint And Decreases Dry Time!


Product Description

CCS Lean Medium For Oil Painting™

Handcrafted From The Finest Materials, This Oil Medium Thins Paint And Decreases Dry Time!

Key Features:

  • Handmade from the highest quality ingredients
  • Safe alternative to Turpentine
  • Non-yellowing and of archival quality
  • Created through reproducing the methods of the Old Masters
  • Thins paint consistency
  • Decreases drying time

Perfect For:

  • Painting in the “fat over lean” technique
  • Use with fine oil colors
  • Material-conscious artists
  • Professional artists
  • Use in final works of art
  • Improving drying time
  • Thinning oil paints
  • Use in studios or professional classrooms
  • Use in early layers of painting

The Clarified Lean Medium, by Chelsea Classical Studios, is a handmade oil medium that uses lavender spike oil essence, which is a safer alternative to ones made with turpentine, as it smells sweet, decreases drying time and thins the paint. It is crafted from a mixture of pure, extra-pale, cold pressed linseed oil and lavender spike oil essence. For Chelsea Classical Mediums, even the ingredients of their mediums are handcrafted to ensure absolutely the highest quality products. The oil in the Clarified Lean Medium is cold-pressed, purified and de-yellowed by traditional, natural processes that strives to make the palest, cleanest pure linseed oil for artists’ to use. The Oil of Spike Lavender Solvent is made from distilled lavender which is a clean, safe to breathe solvent with a strong sweet smell. A “Lean” Medium refers to the “Fat Over Lean” technique, which means to apply a paint layer rich in oil (a fat) over a layer with less oil (a lean) layer on a painting. This simple principle is fundamental to controlling the paint adhesion, drying time and glossiness of oil colors. This fine-art quality medium has a light oil content mixed with a varnish, so it will thin the paint, make it dry faster, and is recommended for the early layers of painting.

What:Handcrafted blend of Chelsea’s Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil and Lavender Spike Oil Essence; for lean painting techniques.
Why: Designed for use with fat over lean oil techniques; helps increase paint film adhesion, improves paint drying time and gloss.

  • Decreases drying time
  • For use in earlier painting stages

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02 fl oz (59ml), 04 fl oz (118ml), 08 fl oz (236ml), 16 fl oz (473ml), 32 fl oz (946ml)


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