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CCS Citrus Brush Cleaner™


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Citrus Scent – Safer Alternative To Toxic Solvents


Product Description

CCS Citrus Brush Cleaner™

Key Features:
Safer alternative to turpentine
Citrus Essence
100% Pure Distilled Citrus Fruits
NO Carcinogenic Fumes
NO Petroleum
NO Turpentine
No other toxic solvents
Lovely Citrus Aroma
Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles.

Perfect For:
Cleaning oil paint from brushes
Gentle on the brush hairs
Brushes will last longer
Keeping a clean, all-natural studio
Health-conscious artists
Use in studios or professional classrooms
Cleans better and more thoroughly

Enjoy The Citrus Scent – Safer Alternative To Toxic Solvents!

Cleans Better and More Thoroughly Than Almost All Other Brush Cleaners and Solvents. Conditions Brushes Making The Hair Subtle Maintaining Maximum Working Quality. A safer, natural alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents

Citrus Essence Brush Cleaner™ is a safer alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents. NO Carcinogenic Fumes! Use it to clean oil paint from brushes. Made from 100% natural distilled citrus fruits, this extremely effective brush-cleaning solution is also gentle on the brush hairs helping them last longer! Use it to clean paint from brushes while painting, and to thoroughly clean brushes after painting.

CCS Citrus Brush Cleaner™ can be used in the same way other cleaners are used: Rinse the brush with it during painting session to remove paint from brush, and thoroughly clean your brush in it after painting to remove paint and medium. We recommend using a natural oil based soap and warm water afterwards to complete the brush cleaning, moisturize the brush hairs and help preserve them.

  • Made in the USA from Old World Master Techniques

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02 fl oz (59ml), 04 fl oz (118ml), 08 fl oz (236ml), 16 fl oz (473ml), 32 fl oz (946ml)


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