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CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner™

CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner


Non-Toxic Brush Cleaning Solution for Oil Painting | Made with 100% Fruit & Flower Natural Oil Essences | Contains NO PETROLEUM Products

CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner™ is a non-toxic alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents.

Made from 100% natural distilled fruits and flowers, featuring lavender used in aromatherapy and other therapeutic holistic practices.

Use it to clean paint from brushes while painting, and to thoroughly clean brushes after painting.

Directions for Use: Rinse brush in brush cleaner, wipe off excess paint.

WARNING: Combustible. Skin Irritant. Eye Irritant. Exposure may cause allergic reactions.
CONTAINS: Lavandin Oil
PRECAUTIONS: Avoid skin contact. Wash hands immediately after use. When using do not eat, drink or smoke. Keep away from eyes. Do not store or use near heat or flame. Keep out of reach of children.
FIRST AID TREATMENT: If eye contact occurs, rinse with tap water for 5-10 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical care. If skin contact occurs, wash with soap and water for 5 minutes. For further health information contact a poison control center.

2 fl oz (59ml), 4 fl oz (118ml), 8 fl oz (236ml), 16 fl oz (473ml), 32 fl oz (946ml)



The highest quality, handmade, natural, and archival artist materials created using historic methods & techniques.

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